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Project MATIS number: 
Project period: 
05-2015 to 12-2018
Project funding entity: 
Rannís - COFASP
Project description: 

SAFEFISHDISH is a 3-year project to improve the microbial and sensory quality and safety of fish from harvest to consumer.
This will successfully be achieved through a holistic approach involving optimal handling, processing, storage and distribution methods.

Eleven partners from 3 countries, France, Iceland and Norway are involved:
• 5 Academics (NTNU, NOFIMA, MATIS, Ifremer, ONIRIS)
• 4 Industrials (Primex, Fjardalax, Samherji, PFI Nouvelles Vagues)
• 1 Confederation of industry (CITPPM)
Dr Françoise Leroi, Ifremer (France) coordinates the project

Project sampling sites

Project sampling sites

Site Country origin Area origin Locality origin Habitat origin Coordinates
MATIS Iceland Capital Region Reykjavík undetermined Latitude: 64° 7' 49.098" N
Longitude: 21° 45' 58.68" W

1 sample(s) available from this project

Sample ID Name Area origin Locality origin Habitat origin Sample type Sample date Biomass status DNA status
MATIS-008 SafeFishDish_FishStrains Capital Region Reykjavík undetermined biomass Tuesday, February 21, 2017 Available

No material so far for this project

No strain currently available for this project